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1st Homo Experience

Sex = Male
Where it happened = All-boy camping trip
Language =
Refnum = 2
First of all, I'm happily married now, so the effects of this experience weren't life-long lasting.
I was on an all-boy camping trip during my middle teens. There were 8 of us, sharing 2 tents. One of the guys, Ted, brought beer and some great
marijuana, which the four of us shared in our tent. After midnight, we were getting pretty buzzed, and the talk turned to sex. Ted was experienced, and told
us of his most-recent conquest. As he explained in graphic detail of his exploits, the rest of us began to get pretty horny, our erections growing in our
boxers. One of the boys, Jeremy, was the first to pull his cock out and began to slowly stroke it. He was fairly thin, with no body or facial hair, but his cock
was enormous. I gave out a gasp when I saw it, mentally comparing his dick with mine. I guessed that he was at least two inches longer and 1 inch thicker
than my own penis. Soon, the rest of us doffed our shorts and began to stroke ourselves. Without warning, Ted slid over to me and took over masterbating
my dick. I was surprised, but the feeling was good, so I leaned back on my elbows, watching intently as he gently pounded my raging erection. I let my
knees wander apart, wider and wider. Since none of us, save Ted, had experienced a blow-job, he asked us if we were interested. The three of us
questioned him how it was done. He decided to demonstrate on me. His lips gingerly started over the head of my erect member, and soon he had engulfed
the entire length with his mouth. The others asked me how it felt. I replied (I think), "It's fantastic!" Ted gently played with my nutsack as his mouth stroked
my cock. Soon, Jeremy had Tom's cock implanted between his jaws, slurping and sucking masterfully. Tom reached down for Jeremy's dick, urging him to
spin around so they could "69". Tom had trouble with Jeremy's huge dick, but started sucking in about half, while stroking it with his hand. About this time,
Ted was busy sucking me and spun over me so I could return the favor. His cock was about the same size as mine, and I reached for him, pulling him into
my mouth. The taste was sweat-salty, but not objectionable. Soon, he was pumping his hips, driving his erection deep down my throat. As he sucked my
cock, he introduced his index finger into my virgin butthole. He continued to stroke my dick with his mouth, driving his finger deeper and deeper. The feeling
was distracting, but favorable, none-the-less. When he massaged my prostrate, I couldn't help but come deep in his mouth. He swallowed every drop of
my jism. He pulled his dick from my mouth, kissing down my body, while his finger continued pushing in and out of my ass. I looked over, and Tom had
Jeremy on his stomach, pulling his hips up to expose Jeremy's hairless butthole. I followed suit, Ted rolling off of me. I was down on my elbows and knees,
my butt fully exposed. Ted began to tongue my ass, forcing his wet, slippery, tongue deep inside, as he reemed me. Jeremy leaned over, giving me a deep
tongue-kiss. I returned it in earnest. Ted stopped tonguing me, and crawled between my legs. I felt the head of his cock begin to push against my hole, and
my knees began to shake with anticipation. He gently pushed into me, and the pain was unbearable. He stopped with just his cockhead inside my ass, until I
could loosen up. Growing accustomed to the invasion, I relaxed my ass muscles. Soon, Ted was pushing into me, until his whole length was impaling my
virgin butt. Tom was pounding in and out of Jeremy, Jeremy's ass making slurping and sloshing noises. I finally relaxed enough to allow Ted to begin
pumping slowly. As he pulled out, he reached around me and began massaging my softened cock. I began to grow in his hand, as his erection slid in and
out of me. I could feel his bag bounce off mine as he pistoned into me. Tears were streaming down Jeremy's cheeks, as he began to erupt in orgasm. His
white spunk shot into the sleeping bag below him. After several minutes, Ted began to quicken his strokes. With his cock buried in my ass, he stopped. I
could feel his erection throbbing inside me, as began to cum. Over and over he spasmed, filling me with his hot goo. When he had finished, he pulled his
softening cock from my ass. It exited with a 'plop'. I collapsed onto my stomach, Ted's sperm dripping from my used hole. Ted fell on top of me, his
now-limp dick resting on the back of my thigh. Tom was into Jeremy with a fevered pitch, pushing into and out of Jeremy's bung. With a short cry, Tom
orgasmed in Jeremy. Jeremy shook with his own orgasm, his cum shooting onto my cheek, dripping down into my mouth. The taste was bland, but exciting.
Tom pulled out of Jeremy, both collapsing together. After resting a while, we smoked another joint, and changed partners. Now Jeremy and I were the
dominants, Ted and Tom taking their places below us. As my rock-hard erection pushed into Ted, he let out a groan. His hole wasn't as tight as my own,
so before long, I was long-dicking his ass. Tom & Ted began to masturbate each other while Jeremy and I fucked their buttholes. Over and over, I
slammed into Ted, driving my hard-on deeper and deeper. The feeling was intense, and, soon, I tensed, erupting in a great orgasm, deep in him. Jeremy
also came, whimpering as his hips bucked in quick, short jerks. When we both collapsed, our arms intertwined. The four of us fell into a deep sleep, until
the breaking dawn awoke us. The guys in the other tent had no clue as to what had occurred a mere 10 feet from them. Tom, Ted, Jeremy, and I became
the best of buddies from that time on. Now, all of us are married, and occasionally, we get together on our 'Mens-night-out', and repeat our experiences.
Soon, we plan on bringing our wives, and let them in on our action, with a little swapping and lesbian action anticipated.

1st Homo Experience
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