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My Dad

Sex = Male
Where it happened = My Room
Language = English
Refnum = 28
I was in my room about to go to sleep. Me and my dad were the only ones home. He walked into my room and sat down next to me. He started to stare at me and rub my leg very softly. He said he wanted me. I looked down and I was completly sprung like my dad. He pulled down his pants and I started to suck his penis like there was no tommorow.
He was enjoying it very much and it was then I realized all I wanted was to suck his dick and have him shoot his load down my throat. I kept sucking and he just kept moaning.He said he was about to and I got ready for the best experience of my life. He exploded a river of giz down my throat and I enjoyed the tasty thick cream he produced. He said he loved me and then he pulled me up and started to kiss me. Then he spun me around and inserted his penis in my butt. I was in heaven. I felt so great as he pumped his dick in and out of my ass. He kept doing it and it felt so good. he continued to do this the rest of the night and ever since then whenever we are alone we suck and fuck all night. My dad comes to my apartment all the time and I still enjoy that tasty cum down my throat and getting fucked hard in the ass.

My Dad
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