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Sex = Male
Where it happened = hotel room
Language = french and english
Refnum = 46
I just turned fifteen and that night, my friends took me to a restaurant. We had a great time and since i knew the waiter, he gave us alchool. Me and my 15 other frinds were pretty hammered and you know that beer makes you go to the washroom so sonce I really had to go i ditched my friends for a couple minutes. The washroom was one of those tiny ones were only one person at a time can go in. So when i openned the door(it wasn't locked) I saw a man, about 28 years old,jacking off. I was pretty embarrased at the time since i was straight but when i was about to close the door, the man yelled out:"hold on buddy !" So I re-opened the door and asked him what he wanted. He asked me to go look if there was any paper left in the cabin. I went and brought him back a pice of it and i asked why he was jacking off in the bathroom. He answered me directly:"well its because I spotted you and i find you are really sexy..."I didn't know what to say because I wasn't into menat the time. So I just said thanks for the compliment.I decided to leave before the situation could et any more awkward but the man grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him. He opened my zipper and seemed quite surprised to see my cock so highly erected(I had told him I was straight).He didn't stop there. He started to give head like no women had ever gave me. After ten minutes of mutual oral sex, i pulled down his pants and fucked him in the ass with a lot of determination. HE was moaning with pleasure and i couldn't believe what was happening ! I loved it so much that now, 3 years later I am gay and comfortable with my sexual orientation. I still can't believe how men can give you better oral that any ladies !! They should take advices from gay men !!

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