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Sex = Male
Where it happened = home
Language = english
Refnum = 65
well i used to real good friends with this kid pete and dennis and one day i was sleeping over petes hoouse with dennis and petes rich so he goes if you want you can take a shower and he has a hot tub and i took advantage and the next thing him and dennis are coming in naked immmediatley my dick was hard and i got up not knowing it was hard i have a small dick its like three inches and pete walk up to me and goes you wanna see a real dick he takes my head and places it on his hot priq i began sucking his dick while dennis comes ar ound me and starts licking my ass
dennis disapears a little while later and petes just about to blow when he pulls out and said go to my room so listen he comes in and blind folds me and lays me down and i thought he was going to suck my dick instead he ties me too his bed and takes off the blindfold but i didnt mind i liked it and dennis comes back with a jar of vaseline and cover almost my whole body including my asshole and they begin alternating between fucking and sucking and then i was sucking pete fresh out of my ass when he bleew a load right down my throat and dennis blew a load in my ass that came out eventually and i swallowed and for the rest of that night they would randomly come up to me and cumall over me and we did every weekend for a month

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