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At the Mall, me and Josh

Sex = Male
Where it happened = At the mall
Language = English
Refnum = 110
It was a normal day,eventhough I was horny all the time and that's quite unusual for me.
I phoned my friend Joshua (wich I call Josh)to go shopping at the mall because I needed some new clothes.
He agreed and we met at 13.00 hour at the mall in front of the big white pillar.
I always liked Josh because he had an perfect body,big dick(Wich I saw at High School in the showers at the gym)and a nice ass. I actually never was into "the gay thing" but with Josh around,you just have to be gay.
In front of the big white pillar we shooked hands.
His hand was strong,and I fantasised how that hand would be on my dick rubbing and pushing.
We found some nice jeans for me in the store and I put it on in the dressroom. They were too tight. Josh walked in and said that he would look for a bigger size.After 5 minutes he came back and nobody else was in the dressing room except for him and me.He said he would help me with getting my jeans off because they were so tight that I wouldn't be able to do it myself.
He smiled at me and he said:"I always fantasise about you when I'm laying in my bed,I dream that you take my hard cock out of my pants and suck on it." Wich I replyed: "Everytime I see you at the gym under the showers I want to reach out at your dick and...Then a chubby fat Boy came in and he tried on a new vest. Josh Whispered to me that he couldn't wait to see me naked tonight and that I could come at eight 'o clock because his parents were on a buisiness trip.
After I bought my jeans, I told him I needed some new underwear too.
He said:"Buy it for yourself and surprise me tonight".
I agreed and he went home.
I bought my underwear at the sex shop.
I bought a leather string, a tarzen bandana(wich I could tie up in front of my hard dick)and a hard toq.
After that I went home fantasising what to do at eight with Josh.

At the Mall, me and Josh
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