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Bad boy sex

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Tommy's house
Language = english
Refnum = 324
The first time I had sex with a neighbor happened one evening when I was working under my truck, and my neighbor’s son walked over and asked me if I could drive him down to his house which was down the street. He is twice my age, and had been in jail several times before, because he was an alcoholic. I looked at him and could tell that he was ok this night, so I told him ok. We got into my truck and we drove down to his house. I pulled up in his driveway, and he asked me if I would like to come in for a while. “I must admit that I had fantasized about making love to him in my mind several times before. It must have been that bad boy image that I liked.” I told him ok and followed him inside his house. We sat on the couch for a while watching a movie. On the movie, a couple was making love, so I asked him how he survived jail time without sex. He said that he always found someone that wanted him inside of them. At that time I finally got my nerve up to touch his crotch and I said to him that I would like him inside of me too. From that point he allowed me to unzip his pants and start sucking him. I did this for quite a while. He then kissed me and told me that we should go over to his bed. He then pulled my pants off and turned me around and started to lick my butt. He then placed some lube on his dick and had me bend over the edge of the bed. He entered my butt and made love to me for a little while. He then stopped and told me to craw up into the bed, facing him. He then re-entered me and started making love to me again, until he came inside of me. He then asked me if I would like to take a shower with him. I told him yes. We soaped each other up and before you know it, we were both horny again. This time he told me to lie back down on the bed, and he tied my hands and feet to the bed post. He started kissing me all over, and then he started to stick his dick back into me without lube. It hurt at first, but then his pre-cum helped loosen my butt up a little. He told me that this is how he did it when he was in jail. I told him that it felt better with some lube on it. He said ok and pulled his dick out. He said that he was out of lube, so he went into the kitchen and got some butter. He placed butter on his dick and then re-mounted me. This made me laugh, but it did feel so much better. I started to enjoy it so much that I was Cumming on myself before I knew it. He then followed soon after. We then took another shower, and he asked me to stay over the night. I told him ok. We made love a couple hours later when I woke up to go to the restroom. We also did it again doggy style in the morning when I woke up, before I had to go home. From that day forward, I would sneak out every night and drive down to his house to make love with each other until one day he was arrested again. I then had to find someone new to take care of my needs.

Bad boy sex
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