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Sex = Male
Where it happened = In his room
Language = English
Refnum = 433
Peter and I were the same age and had been friends for years, hanging out together, riding bikes around town, even camping out in the local woods. We were basically immature and physically modest around each other, but by the age of 15, things were changing. We started looking through his parents' National Geographic magazine and collecting pictures of women with naked breasts, which we cut out and hid in a little file in his bedroom. As we were collecting naked people, it was natural to discuss our own experiences with naked "others" -- I had a sister and he didn't. "Did you ever see her naked?" he asked. "Sure I have, lots of times." He made me describe what I had seen, right down to the tiniest detail. This type of activity and discussion went on about every time we were together, usually causing us to casually adjust our pants around our woodies. It's just a normal guy thing when you're a pubescent teenager. I often slept over at his house. He had a big house and no siblings, and I had the opposite. He had big bedroom with a double bed -- perfect accommodations for a couple of young guys. One night, after a particularly intense discussion of bodies and sex, I was awakened to the sensation of a hand gently touching my thigh. This was alarming and yet at the same time wildly provocative. Not knowing what else to do, I didn't move a muscle, continuing to feign sleep and wondering where this was going -- or more particularly, wondering where his hand was going. I was lying on my left side with Peter at my back. Slowly, and furtively, Peter's fingers inched their way along my thigh, and began to gently curl around the circumference of my hip. His right hand ever so slowly approached my groin. Once there, he gently probed through the single, thin layer of my pajama bottoms. At this point I was completely aroused, which he soon discovered. He ran his fingers up and down the length of my excited shaft -- quite a new experience for me, and also quite enjoyable. This went on for some time, much to my pleasure. In fact, I ultimately decided to up the ante. I snorted, stretched and rolled onto my back. At my first hint of movement Peter snatched back his hand. As I continued to feign sleep, it wasn't long before his hand was back. Lying prone as I was, my groin was now much more accessible. Soon his fingers were probing the fabric folds of my pajama bottoms, and quickly located the convenient access slit. Ever so gently his hand slipped inside my pajamas, and I experienced for the very first time, the excitement and thrill of my dick being held in someone else's hot little hand. It was awesome. My heart was pounding so hard my dick was lunging with every heartbeat. All I could think was "He has to know I'm awake. He can't think I have this tight a boner in my sleep!" Peter continued to explore my now accessible parts, gently lifting my ball sack and rolling my little nuggets in his fingers. As he caressed upward on my shaft, he would drop off the top and run his hands through my pubes. Then he would the reach all the way down past my balls, stick his fingers between my cheeks, tickle my little rosebud, and begin the upward stroke all over again. Honestly, it was thrilling! I was wondering if he had learned these moves the previous summer at his summer camp. And honestly, consumed by the enjoyment of the "present", I wasn't even thinking about the larger issue of my best friend having my dick and balls in his hand. I continued to play dumb and "out like a rock". Peter managed to work my dick out of my pajama slit, and ministered to its needs in the open air. Suddenly, gently, he shifted position. As he let go of my dick, my mind screamed "No, don't quit now!" Not to worry! Immediately he was on his knees, examining my little "Davy Crockett" in the moonlight streaming through the window, as I watched through tiny slits of eyes. Quite without warning, his tongue reached out and gently licked the shiny shield of my teenage, circumcised stiffy. I could just make out the tip of his tongue touching my piss slit, where a generous glob of precum had accumulated. As he lifted off, I could see the string of my seminal fluid stretching between his tongue and my dick. I was in another dimension! The next thing I knew, his lips were wrapped around my rigid member, and his head was bobbing - slowly at first, but with gradually increasing frequency and vigor. He was getting into it -- and honestly, so was I! At this point in my life, I was masturbating regularly, and learning to exercise some control over my orgasm. Nevertheless, Peter's ministrations took me right over the top. When I came, it was with gusto, unlike anything I had ever experienced by myself. I pumped surge after surge of 15 year-old boy cum into his greedy and seemingly insatiable mouth. I thought I was going to blast right through his cranium! At this point there was no going back or play-acting sleep. I reached out and grabbed his balls, just as I was filling his mouth with juicy cum. Well, one thing led to the next, and soon I was "all the way" myself. His rigid, uncut penis was well down my throat. It wasn't long before I was treated to his own massive cum explosion. I will never forget the experience of that load of gism erupting into the back of my mouth, especially since that was the only time in my life I have ever had such an experience. We spent the night together, but we weren't mature enough to really talk through the experience. It was enough of a shock to both of us that our friendship suddenly and unexpectedly cooled. In the end, we went our separate ways in life, almost uncomfortable in each other's presence. Both of us are now happily married with children. We haven't seen each other in decades, but that "first time" experience continues to surface in my memory like it was only yesterday.

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