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When I Sucked My Best Friend's Cock

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Home
Language = English
Refnum = 445
This is a true story of what happened when i was 14 years old. My friend one weekend came over to my house to sleepover on a Friday after school. We had rented a couple movies and were just planning on having a night of relaxing and having fun. Little did i know i was about to do something even more fun. We got to my house, ate some dinner and then went downstairs into my bedroom to watch our movies. Halfway through the movie we were watching, there was a really hot sex scene, and i started to get very turned on by it, an i could tell my friend was too. My friend turned to me an asked me, "do you watch porn?". I told him yes, an then returned the question. He asked me if we could go on my computer to look at porn, an i said sure, my cock was really hard. So we grabbed my laptop, went to google, an typed in porno, since neither of us memorized any sites. After a few minutes of reading choices i saw a movie that looked good. it was called the perfect blow-job. The movie started off with a camera moving around the body of an extremely hot girl. she then got to her knees, unzipped some guys pants, reached in through the zipper and pulled out his cock. She begaing licking the head of his cock, an then gradually sucking. By this time my cock was rock solid an could not have been harder. I turned to my friend and asked, "do you jack off?". He said "yeah, do you?", i told him yeah an then asked him if he wanted to, and he said sure. So we both unbuttoned and unzipped our pants, an pulled out our cocks. his was about 1 inch bigger than mine. My cock was about 6", an his 7. He started to stroke his hard cock an watch the porno i had put on. after about 10 minuts my friend turned to me and said, "can i make you a deal", i looked at him an said "depends, whats the deal?", he said if you try giving me a blowjob, il try giving you a blowjob. I though about it an was feeling really exited. I said ok. "who goes first?" i asked. "rock paper scissors?" he said. ok, we did best 2 out of 3 and he had won. he said "ok i guess you go first". He sat down on my bed and pulled his pants down enough for him to pull his cock out. I walked over to my door an locked it so that nobody could walk in. i slowly made my way over to the bed. My heart of beating fast, an i was excited by the thought of what i was about to do. I got to him an went to my knees on the ground. I looked at him an said "ok, are you ready?", he said yeah. i took his cock in my hand, it was half erected but as soon as i touched it i felt it start to grow. I leaned forward and slid the head of his cock into my mouth. I just stayed on the head of his cock for a little bit because i didnt know if i would gag if i went any lower. I could feel his cock growing rock hard in between my lips. I hadnt been letting my tongue really touch his cock at first because i was afriad of what it would taste like. Slowly i let my tongue start to slide on his cock as my head bobbed up and down. after about 2 minuts, i was feeling extremey horny and was getting really into it. I started going down deeper, an deeper with each bob on his cock. I was trying to do stuff we saw on the blowjob porn we had watched earlier. i took his cock out of my mouth an made my tongue swirl around the head, an then i slid it back in. deeper an deeper with each bob, i could start to feel it touch the back of my throat, it was then that i realized i didnt really have any gag reflexes. So i went deeper, pushing his cock into my throat, i felt the head slid through my throat about 10 times before i had to catch my breath. I kept bobbing up an down increasing speed, and using as much of my tongue as i could. Sucking up an down, an liking ever minit of it, i felt his legs start to clench, and his balls move up on my chin as i made another deepthroat. I ignored it and kept sucking. I felt the head of his cock hit the back of my throat about 4 more times an then on the last hit, a huge spurt of cum came pouring out, my mouth was filling with cum, it tasted hot an salty, but not bad. i kept sucking as best i could trying to swallow his cum. after another little bit of sucking to clean his cum up i got up an sat next to him, an asked "how was it?", he said "it was awesome". I un zipped my pants an said ok, my turn now. My friend got to his knees an grabbed my iron hard cock in his hand, an slowly started sliding it in his lips. it felt warm an soft, i loved the feeling. of having my cock in his mouth just as muth as i liked having his in mine. he sucked me for about 10 minuts, doing nice long sucking motions, usuing lots of tongue, an i had cum in his mouth. We had just layed there for a few mins feeling relazed, and then cleaned ourselves up and put movie on. Me and my friend still suck eachothers cocks whenever we get the chance.

When I Sucked My Best Friend's Cock
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