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First Taste of Cock

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My first taste of cock. The very first time I ever sucked on a guys cock was when I was 9. At the time, I did not know that what I was doing was as bad as it really was. Now that I look back on it, It was a group of much older guys, 15 and 16 year olds to be exact, tricking and taking advantage of much younger more naive kids. It happened in the summertime when school was out for the summer. We lived in an apartment complex in the lower middle class part of town. I was a latch key kid. My parents both worked during the day and I had been staying at home alone during the summer since I was 8. Anyways, me and 2 other boys named david who was 10 and freddy who was also 10 used to hangout outside or inside each others houses in the summertime. One day we were walking to the store to play some video games when we ran into three older guys that also lived in the same complex that we did, but on the other end of the complex. They were walking back home from buying some sodas and some doritos. We all said hi to them and they asked us where we were going. We told them that we were going to play some arcade games at the convenience store. One of the guys named Victor who was said that he had just gotten a nintendo a couple of days ago and that they were going back to his house to play it and that if we wanted to, we could follow them to his apartment and could play with them. We all got excited and said ok. He was the only kid in the complex that had a nintendo. When we got to his apartment, we all went to his room and found places to sit. some of us sat on the edge of the bed, some sat in a couple of chairs he had and the rest sat on the floor facing the t.v.. Well, they started playing mario and we all took turns playing. At some point, we decided that me, david and freddy would take turns on one controller and Victor, Troy, and Alex who were all 16 would share the other controller. After about an hour of playing, Victor got up and said it was hot in his room and took off his shirt. Shortly after that, Troy and Alex also took off their shirts. Victor was the only one wearing sweat pants, the rest of us were all wearing shorts, so he decided he was goint change into some shorts also. He walked to his dresser which was on the other end of his room and pulled out two different pairs of short swimming trunks. Me and david were sitting on the floor and were right next to him when he pulled out the trunks and he asked us which one we thought was cooler. The green ones or the white ones. Me and david both picked the white ones. He said ok and right in front of us, he took off his sweats and his boxers and was standing in front of us totally naked. That was the first time I had seen another guys cock other than my own. I was 9 at the time so I was still hairless and had never had a hardon or even knew what a hard on was. I remember thinking to myself, he had a way bigger dick than I did and he had big balls and hair around his cock. Me and david both giggled when we saw him naked and he said "what? you guys never seen another guy naked before?" and started to slide on his trunks. When he got to his balls, He wrapped one hand around his cock pointed it upward and with his other hand raised his trunks up to his waist. He stood there and started grabbing his balls through the outside of his trunks with one hand and he slid the other hand back inside his trunks and was adjust his cock. He tugged and moved his cock adjusting it. A couple times, he tugged on his cock while he grabbed his balls with the other hand. When he pulled his hand out of his trunks, I noticed that you could see the outline of his cock pointing kinda upward and to the left, but It looked much bigger than when he had first taken off his sweats and boxers. Id say that when I first saw him naked, his cock was atleast 4 inches and much, much wider than mine. The ouline of his cock now had to be about 5 or 6 inches and fatter. I reckognize now that he was semi hard. Not totally hard but not totally soft either. He then opened up his closet door and pulled out a vcr tape and walked out of his room. I didnt think anything of it. He had been gone for about 10 minutes or so when I had to use the bathroom. I walked out the room and started walking down the hall looking for the bathroom. I heard some voices coming out of the living room and walked toward it. As I got closer, I could hear a girls voice moaning and making loud sounds, and a guys voice grunting. I figured it was probably coming from the t.v. Back then I didnt know why they were making those noises, but now I realize that it was sounds of people having sex. As soon as I walked into the living room, I remember seeing Victor sitting on the couch with his trunks pulled down to his balls. One of his hands was wrapped around his cock which and was moving it up and down. I didnt know what he was doing. His cock looked way, way bigger and much fatter than earlier. After a few seconds when he noticed me, He jumped up and pulled his trunks back up and said "Damn! You scared the hell out of me!" and I started laughing. Now I understand that he was embarrassed because I caught him jacking off. Back then I just thought that he jumped cause I scared him, nothing more. At that age I didnt know guys jacked off or what jacking off even was. As he was talking to me, his face was all red and he was stuttering a little. I remember looking at his trunks and I could see the head of his cock sticking out of his trunks and it looked really wet like he just peed. I understand now that this was actually precum that was oozing out of the tip of his cock and was had soaked the entire head of his cock and the top portion of his trunks. I then looked at the t.v. and remember seeing a naked guy with a huge hard cock standing up and a naked girl on her knees. Her mouth was open and had her tongue out and was licking the guys cock up and down like she was licking a lollipop. Right then Victor walked to the vcr and turned it off. I asked him what movie that was and he stuttered and said that it was a porno. I asked him what a porno was. He told me that it was movies that only adults watched and that kids werent allowed to watch them cause they would get in trouble. He then told me to promise that I wouldnt tell my parents or anyone else that i saw a porno at his house or that we would both be in alot of trouble. I definitely didnt want to get in trouble and get grounded on the summer vacation. I promised and swore that I wouldnt tell anyone. He kept telling me to promise and after the third time promising and swearing not to tell he said ok. He said if you promise not to tell anyone, Ill let you see it. I felt excited now, not because of watching some girl sucking on a guys big cock. I had no clue what sex was and what they were doing on the video. I felt excited cause I was going to see something that other kids werent allowed to see. He then started the to play the tape again and sat back down on the couch. I sat next to him and looked at the t.v. just confused as to what they were doing on the tv and why grown ups wouldnt let kids watch this. I noticed through the corner of my eye that victor would occassionally look at me and look down at my shorts. I thought nothing of it. Now I think that he looked down at my shorts to see if I was getting hard. I had no idea what sex was so I was not turned on by it.. I looked over at victor and saw him slide his hand down his trunks and was slowly moving it up and down inside his trunks, After a minute or two when I looked at him, I could see the head of his cock moving in and out of the top of his trunks while he moved his hands up and down inside them. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was jacking off. I said " whats that?" and he replied by saying " you dont know what jacking off is? You've never jacked off before?" I said no. I asked why he was doing that and he said that it feels really good. He then said "try it, I bet you will like how it feels." I asked " how do you do it?" He then replied "Like this look" and pulled his trunks down past his balls. He then said "wrap your hand over your dick like this" and wrapped his hand tightly around his now super hard cock that I now estimate had to be 8 to 9 inches long and extremely thick. He told me to pull my shorts and underwear down like him. I stood up and slid my shorts and underwear down a little past my small hairless 9 year old balls and sat back down and looked at his hand and did the same to my limp little hairless cock with my hand.

I saw him stare at my cock for an instant and said "now move your hand up and down like this" while he slowly moved his hand all the way down to the bottom base of his cock and then all the way up to the head of his now soaking cock. I looked down and noticed that my hand was wrapped completely around my little limp cock. I said " I cant do it" He said "You have to get it hard first so it will get bigger. See, like how hard mine is right now" I asked him how do you get it hard? He told me to put some spit in my hand and then try rubbing it. I tried just that but, I still wasnt getting hard. I was way too young to understand the whole concept of gettng a hard on. I said " I stll cant make it bigger" By now I noticed Victor was moving his hand up and down over his cock a little faster than before and was breathing a little harder. He then looked at me and said " Here let me show you" and said " give me your hand" I reached my right hand to him and with his left hand he grabbed it and pulled it over onto his hard cock and said "now wrap your hand around my dick like how I was doing" So I grabbed his hard cock and wrapped my hands around his hard soaking wet cock. I noticed that I couldnt wrap my fingers completely around his cock. My firngers were about an inch and a half from touching my thumb. Then he said" squeeze it a little and then wrapped his hand around my hand and said now move it up and down like this and then began to slowly move my hand up and down the entire length of his hard cock. After A few strokes, He titled his head back and let out a "OOOOH that feels good" and pulled his hand off from around mine and told me to keep moving it up and down. By now, His entire cock was drenched in precum and was making it so that my hand was able to slide up and down the entire lenght of his thick, hard cock with ease. He kept telling me how good it fucken felt and was moaning alot saying "yeah, that feels so good" and "Ahhhh, Oh god" He told me to squeeze harder and to move my hand up and down a little faster. He told me to stand up off the couch and to kneel down in front of him between his legs. When I did, he told me to wrap both my hands around his cock and to move it up and down again. I wrapped both my hands around the bottom base of his fat cock and started to move it up and down. His cock was directly in front of my face and I could see the opening of the tip of his cock now oozing sticky precum continuously nonstop. He told me to squeeze it harder so I did. As soon as I squeezed harder and moved up and down the entire lenght of his long, thick cock, more precum started to ooze out alot more than before. Now He was breathing really hard and loud and when I looked up at his face, He had his head tilted back and his mouth wide open and moaning louder. At one point while I was moving my hands upwards on his cock, his wet cock slipped out of my hands. He then jerked a little and said "Ooooh" he then looked down at me and told me to move up and down slower so that it doesnt slip out. I asked him why it was so slippery and sticky he said that it was from all the precum. I asked why it was coming out and he replied " cause it feels so good. The better it feels, the wetter it gets" I asked him what it smelled like and he said " it doesnt smell like anything and told me to lean forward and to smell it" I then raised my head up a little and leaned forward till my nose was barely about to touch the head of his dripping cock. I sniffed it over and over a few times and before I pulled my face away from his cock, he made his cock jerk forward and smacked the soaking wet head of his cock under my nose and against the front of my lips soaking them with wet sticky precum also. As soon as it touched my lips, He let out a loud "MMMMMM" before returned back to its straight up position before he made it jerk.

He then told me to stick my tongue out. He looked down at me and as soon as I stuck my tongue out, He jerked his cock forward again, this time making it slap hard against the top of my tongue that was sticking out of my mouth. He told me to keep my mouth right there and to keep my tongue out. He then continued to jerk and make the huge head of his cock slap against my tongue. He did this over and over for a few minutes. By now the entire top of my tongue was soaked with precum and thats when I first got my first taste of warm, sticky precum. He then stopped and told me to lick the tip of his cock a little bit like how the girl on the porno was doing. So I leaned my mouth forward and licked the entire head of his fat cock real slow. He was moaning real good now and was mumbling and saying how good it felt. It seemed like the more precum I licked off, the more precum he would ooze out. It was now beginning to drip down past my lips and down my chin. He now placed his hands on the side of my face and held my face still and pulled it forward so that the entire head of his cock laying on top of my tongue at the entrance of my open mouth. He then told me to open my mouth real wide and wrap my lips around the head of his cock. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and leaned forward and felt the head of his cock stretching the side of my mouth real wide and tight. As soon as the head of his cock was completely inside my mouth.He loudly moaned " Oh fuck!" and didnt move for about 30 seconds as he breathed real hard and moaned. He then looked down and moved his right hand down to my lips and with his right index finger, traced the outline of my lips stretched real wide and tight around the head of his fat cock. He traced it about three times and before he removed his finger off of my tightly stretched lips, He made his cock throb a few times making it inflate even bigger and fatter making it stretch even tighter against the sides of my mouth and lips. Every time his cock throbbed, I could feel more precum ooze out onto the top of my tongue.. He told me that he wanted me to keep my mouth like that and to suck on it. As Soon as i started sucking he, started jerking and shaking and told me to keep doing that and begged me not to stop. I kept sucking and after a few minutes my mouth was now full of warm sticky precum and could feel it about to slide down my throat So I stopped sucking and pulled my mouth slowly off his cock as soon as my lips came off his cock, a mixture of sticky precum and saliva gushed out and covered his entire cock down to his balls. I wiped my mouth with my hand and still my mouth was extremely wet so I swallowed some of it and noticed that it was a little salty.. He leaned up and asked if I was ok. I said yeah, I just couldnt hold it anymore. He asked if I was ok to do it again. I said ok, opened my mouth wide again and raised up and lowered my mouth over the head of his cock and wrapped my lips real tight around the head of his cock again and began sucking again. He said " OOOH fuck yeah!" He told me to keep sucking it and to try to move my mouth up and down while I sucked his cock and to try to get as much of it as I could get into my mouth. So I slowly started to lower my mouth on his huge cock feeling his cock slide slowly tightly against the inside of my lips and mouth. The lower I moved my mouth down on his cock, the wider it was stretching my mouth. His cock was already extremely thick at the top, but got even wider and thicker the lower it got to the base of his cock. I tried to get as much of it into my mouth as I could but could only seem to get about 3 or so inches into my mouth. Now he was moaning and groaning and cussing and was barely moving his hips up and down real slow. I looked down and noticed that I didnt even have half of his cock inside my mouth so I opened as I wide as I could and tried to cram a little more of his cock deep into my mouth. I felt another inch slide in and touch the back of my mouth at the entrance to my throat and instantly it made me gag and my eyes water and involuntarily made me pull my mouth off of his fat cock.

As I pulled my mouth off of his cock, A ton of spit gushed out and all over his cock passed his balls and ran down to the crack of his ass. As I wiped my mouth and tried to catch my breath, I saw him wrap his hand around his big, thick cock and slowly stroked his cock which was now extremely soaked with his precum and the ton of saliva that I had just drenched his entire cock and balls with. He asked if I was ok and I replied yeah, He told me to do it again but this time dont put as much of it into my mouth as last time so that I wouldnt gag. So I wrapped my lips around his fat cock that felt even bigger and thicker. I crammed as much of his cock into my mouth until I felt it about to touch the entrance to my throat and sucked hard while I moved my mouth up and down his cock real slow. After about 3 minutes of me sucking his fat cock non stop, He started breathing even harder and faster and was moving his cock faster and higher up and down. He told me not to stop sucking his cock cause he was about to cum. I didnt know what he was talking about so I continued to slide my mouth up and down his thick, hard cock real slow, but I began to suck even harder. At the moment I started sucking his cock harder, He put his hands on the top of my head and when I slid my mouth down on his cock, he held my head down before I could raise back up and just held it there tight. He then Said "Leave your mouth down on my cock just like that and just keeping sucking it as hard as you can" I continued to suck on his cock as hard as I could and about a minute later he moaned out " OH FUCK IM GONNA FUCKEN CUM!". Right after that, he let out a loud moan and thrust his hips up a little and thats when I flet his cock swell up even bigger deep inside my mouth and shortly after felt a huge, wet glob shoot out of his cock and hit the back of my throat and shoot down my throat. I tried to move my mouth off of his cock but I couldnt move my head because he had both his hands on the top of my head and wouldnt let my mouth move even a tiny bit off of his cock. I felt his cock continue to throb deep in my mouth shooting out a big, glob of cum everytime his cock throbbed. This lasted nonstop for about 20 or 30 seconds. I kept swallowing each huge shot of hot cum that he shot deep in the back of my throat. It felt as if he had shot a gallon of hot cum deep inside my mouth and down my throat.

First Taste of Cock
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