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Me and My Cousin

Sex = Male
Where it happened = home
Language = English
Refnum = 499
My first time was in my bedroom with my older cousin. His name is Tim and he was staying with us for awhile because he was going to school nearby. He was working and going to classes at night as I remember. Anyway, sometimes he would be in charge of us when my parents went out or went away on trips or something. He was cool and we did a lot of things together and his room was next to mine but mine had an attached bathroom and he and I shared it. So we saw each other naked alot and even now I remember he was built--big smooth chest, strong legs, and I remember looking at his very heavy bush whenever he was in the shower or drying off or something. I guess he looked at me too once in awhile because one day when I was in the shower and was drying off he commented that I was getting a heavier bush and I was surprised but it made me feel good to hear that. Anyway, one night we watched a movie on tv and when it was over we were getting read to go to bed and he wanted to shower and so did I and we were going to flip a coin or something and Tim said as casually as can be that there was no big deal and we could just take a quick shower together. I was surprised again but it did not bother me at all. We had showered at the local Y and this was not much different. I had seen him standing there naked and shaving while I stripped for a shower so what was the big deal. So after he got in, I pulled off my shorts and joined him. We showered and talked and now that I look back, it did not surprise me of bother me when he began to sort of was my back and then he massaged my chest with the soap and when his hands went over my nipples I started to get excited and I returned the favor. It all happened so fast and the next thing I knew we were playing with each other's cock and we both had enormous erections. It was very cool. Tim was big but he pointed out I was almost as big. I don't mean like he was ten inches or some bs but he was like maybe 7 inches and his dong was fat and like I said, very hairy. I was maybe five or six inches and just as fat as his dong. So we played and he suggested we get out of the shower and we dried each other off and went into my bedroom and onto my bed. Right there on my bed he gave me my first blowjob and it was wild. He massaged me and teased my dong and that led to my first oral sex. I was nervous to do it to him and he said not to worry so I just played with his cock and tickled it and I licked it a little too. But when it came time to polish each other off, he sucked me to orgasm and it just about blew my mind. It was the most intense orgasm and I loved it. I wanted to finish Tim so I just sort of lightly ticked the underside of his shaft as he was laying there and after a few minutes he shot his jit all over his chest. What amazed me was that he was writhing all over as I teased him and that he groaned so loud when he began to cum. I still think of how cool it felt, at 15, to do this to an older guy and sort of conquer him! Anway, that was my first time having sex with another person and it was fun and Tim and I got it on maybe a couple dozen other times and each time was cool. I eventually did give him a bj because I wanted him to have the same pleasure he was giving me. So, that's my first time and I loved it!

Me and My Cousin
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